About us

Dida is a local on-demand trucking app for fast, reliable delivery in minutes. Whether you need a courier service to deliver small items, a pick-up truck to remove junk at your backyard, a cargo van to move your mattress, or a box truck to move your house/apartment, there’s a Dida vehicle for every occasion. With Dida, your request will be able to accomplish by only few clicks.

Product service

Courier Service

Same day local letter, mail, package and small parcel delivery

Retail Store Delivery

Convenient, faster and cheaper than store delivery options

Apartment/House Moves

DIY moves or hire Dida driver to move large items like beds, couches, mattress and more

Junk Removal

Need to clean your backyard? Book a Dida

Large Items

Select one of our large cargo vans or box truck drivers to get your items to its destination


Roadside assistance by few clicks

Service vehicle

Pickup Truck

Length 6.4'

Width 5.3

Payload Capacity 2000 lb



Length 6.9'

Width 4.3'

Height 3.9'

Max Load 1650 lb

Cubic Capacity 115 cbf

Heavy Duty Cargo Van

Length 10.5'

Width 4.6'

Height 5.4'

Payload Capacity 3700 lb

Cubic Capacity 261 cbf

3 Ton Truck

Length 18'

Width 8.2'

Height 8'

Max Payload 6600lb

Cubic Capacity 1180cbf

5 Ton Truck

Length 24'

Width 7.8'

Height 8'

Max Payload 11000 lb

Cubic Capacity 1497cbf

8 Ton Truck

Length 25'

Width 8.2'

Height 8.2'

Max Payload 16000 lb

Cubic Capacity 1681cbf

10 Ton Truck

Length 31.5'

Width 8.2'

Height 8.2'

Max Payload 20000 lb

Cubic Capacity 2118cbf

Flatbed Truck

Length 17'

Width 7.5'

Max Payload 9000 lb

Tow Truck


Be your own boss on your own schedule

  • Hundreds of Orders

    Single tap to accept an order
  • High income

    Make $30/Hour or more
  • Flexible Hour

    Work on your schedule